Data Analyst – Nashville, TN

By Sarah Steinlein,

Nashville client seeking to hire a junior level Data Analyst – new graduates in CIS, Math or Statistics are encouraged to inquire.   The Data Analyst will work within the Data Analysis Team and work closely with Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, and Operations to provide these departments with the critical data they need to run our business. It will also include importing, cleaning, transforming, validating or modeling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from the data for decision making purposes. This is a junior to mid-level position. The “must haves” are Excel and SQL querying. Responsibilities
  •   Work on the near-term project of migrating data from the legacy ERP system to the new ERP system via Microsoft SQL Server.
  •   Works within the Data Analysis Team which is responsible for multiple data elements and is the central contact point in the organization in terms of reporting for information about the origins and revisions to these data elements; responsible for the accuracy of the data in these elements, both within SQL reports and in downstream data warehouses and reports.
  •   Works within the Data Analysis Team to champion the quality and integrity of data collected for decision making and work with the other areas of the organization to ensure consistent reporting of information. Analyzes and makes recommendations for improved data quality.
  •   Support strategic decisions through the collection, analysis, interpretation and communication of information to key decision-makers.
  •   Engage with users to assess and address needs within the scope of approved development methodologies.
  •   Work on the integrated methodologies for data collection, retrieval, presentation, analysis and interpretation.
  •   Assess the information needs of the users and develop ad-hoc and production reports to meet those needs.
  •   Participates in process improvement teams by offering analytic skills and knowledge of available data. Can facilitate design and creation of data collection and reporting tools.
  •   Provides user education of reports and helps ensure access to data with the goal of reduced reliance, over time, on technical specialists in order to obtain data.
  •   Ensures all reported data and information are consistent, relevant and timely.
  •   Creates reports, report templates, and analytic environments as is necessary to satisfyrequirements.
  •   Run ad-hoc reports for and queries as requested by management
  •   Maintain and enhance existing reports.
  •   Quickly build a full understanding of the key databases used in reporting.
  •   Work closely with other departments (Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, Operations) tounderstand requirements and create or modify reports as required.
  •   Act as an instructor by explaining to internal customers what data are included in reports andhow they are to be used.
  •   Write high quality requirements and design documents as appropriate.
Required Skills
  •   Experience querying and updating MS SQL Server
  •   Proficient in Microsoft Excel, including scripting
  •   Experience with Crystal Reports
  •   Understanding of basic accounting and financial concepts
  •   Self-motivated and detail oriented
  •   Excellent analysis, design and communication skills InteractionsWorks closely within the Data Analysis Team and with other departments (Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, Operations) to understand requirements and create or modify reports as required.Education and Experience
  •   Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  •   1-2 years’ experience in an equivalent or closely related role

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